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Things to Consider in Buying a Charger

Have you ever wonder why your phone charges at the best condition when you are using the charger which comes form the packaging? Do you feel frustrated? Ask this to yourself: “I plugged in my phone all night then why it wasn’t fully charged?”. Or, have you ever commented, “Wow, I wonder why my phone gets hot when it is being charged?”

Due to different charging circuitry of different devices, all of the questions aforementioned above happen.

For example, you can think of it as a handshake. Let’s take another example: iPad requires 2.4 amps, the Galaxy Note series need 2 amps while iPhone requires 1 amp. Different devices have different power profile especially when they are charging.

Not because there are universal chargers, it does not mean that it could provide efficient or safe charge to any device since they are not optimized for such purpose.

Choosing a right a charger, like Lightning Bolt Charger, for your phone is more than avoiding smartphone charging frustrations, it can prevent problems to occur. One of the things that can cause problems on the charger would be excessive and low voltage. These problems can be the following: poor charging efficiency and wasted energy, it could shorten the battery life and damage the battery and device itself, excessive heating and increased charging times.

To assure safety and making sure that you are picking the right charger for your device like the smartphone or tablet. Then you must take and follow the following tips.

First thing to consider in choosing the right charger for your device is to use the original charger which comes with the packaging. Thus, every new purchase of a device there comes with a charger with it. Due to different power requirement of the device and also the unique relationship of the charger, that is why every packaging comes with a charger.

Second on the line is to check if the device is optimized for various type of charges. The devices themselves are quite different, so the charger that comes with your iPhone will not work the same with an Android phone.

Third is to use voltage or surge protectors when charging devices. Even though our phones are one of the most sophisticated technology as of now, the charger values cheaper than before. Now, there are no available over-current or over-voltage protection, or even power specification to make sure that the electronic devices are being protected. If the charger has no short-circuit or not even an over-voltage protection, the charger may tend to overheat, or burn and your device may get damaged.

Then, you must take heed all these tips in choosing the right charger for your device.

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